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What Exactly is the Meaning of an Amuse-Bouche/Amuse-Gueule..Huum, Ever Wonder, Less Ever Hear That Term Before?

Hello fellow foodies.  Chef Dave here from The Laughing Pear Group in Park City.  Well,have I wanted to share something really cool with all of you.  This term you may Continue Reading →

What Exactly is Charcuterie/What is The Meaning of Charcuterie? Some Already Know, But Many Do Not, Let,s Learn

Hello Fellow Foodies.  I was going back and looking at a winter menu I did from last year.  I had an amazing display of Charcuterie on the menu and we Continue Reading →

We invite you to listen to KPCW Radio on the Randy Barton Show on 6/7/11 at 5:15pm

Well, 16 days to go and we have a really nice following thus far.  You can listen to me, Chef Dave, on KPCW at 5:15pm to dicsuss our awesome “Under Continue Reading →

Under Ground Dining Experience – The Laughing Pear “Supper Club”

What an exciting and fun culinary treat we are announcing.  This promises to be a 5 Star experience like no other.  This “Under Ground Dinner Society” will bring out the Continue Reading →

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Design and Consulting - Food and Beverage

Commercial, Residential, Outdoor

Laughing Pear

We are Utah’s number one ranked Food and Beverage Consulting firm. We pride ourselves on   understanding that it is you, the guest, who knows what is best for your business. We are here to help you achieve that next step or put in place something specific that your team needs, but you would like to have some aces in your corner. We are here to give you all the help your Brand needs in order to achieve what you want done. Services offered to hotels, restaurants, chains, and anywhere food and beverage services are offered. Our team, combined, has over 100 years of service in the Food and Beverage industry, and we all want to give you the knowledge we know. We offer the following services/courses:

1. Consulting on your FOH
2. Consulting on your BOH
3. How to take care of the most important person in your restaurant/hotel; your team
4. Research and Development for Recipes
5. Menu Courses/Menu Placement/Menu Design and Functionality
6. HACCAP Courses/Serve Safe Sanitation Courses

And numerous other courses/services that we cannot possibly place here. Please send us an email and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Our first consultation is always free and time is never an issue. We look forward to hearing from you.